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Russia has invaded Ukraine. It is the largest military conflict in Europe since World War II. Millions of civilians are at the epicenter of the war and are suffering from a humanitarian crisis, with the number of victims growing daily. Your donation to the Ukrainian STEM Support Fund will help and support Ukrainian children in STEM education.

Long weeks of war with Russia, after grueling years of armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, have killed hundreds of children and thousands of civilians and put millions on the verge of survival, and they need urgent humanitarian assistance. A full-scale war in Ukraine has catastrophic consequences. More than 3 million people (mothers and children) have fled Ukraine in response to the Russian invasion, and millions more may be following, leading to the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe. The COVID-19 pandemic is an additional challenge for the population, where violence and uncertainty already have catastrophic consequences.

Thousands of Ukrainian children from all over the world studied STEM education and participated in various international programs and competitions. But now these children have been forced to leave their homes and have lost the opportunity to learn fully. We continue to support them on our own, but important changes need funding. Every donation is a chance for Ukrainian children to continue their studies at STEM.

All donations to the Ukrainian STEM Support Fund will be used to provide educational (starting with psychological) assistance to children in the affected regions of Ukraine and the surrounding areas, where Ukrainian refugees fled the war. We provide STEM education at this difficult time to all frightened and displaced children in Ukraine.

Your donations to the Ukrainian STEM Support Fund will provide support and development for:

1. World Robot Olympiad in Ukraine

2. FLL programs in Ukraine

3. STEM training programs

4. Rebuilding the STEM community in the regions most affected

5. Support STEM teachers and trainers

6. Support for volunteers

7. And much more

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Thousands of children in Ukraine urgently need your support.

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